Cookie Dough Fundraiser Is DUE!!!

The Fundraiser is due starting on Monday, March 6th.  

  • Please make sure every student turns in their large envelope WITH the order form and money.
  • Please make sure that the order form totals up to the correct amount that is in the envelope.

6th Grade trip – Cost per student – $30.00

7th / 8th Grade Trip – Cost Per Student – $65.00

*whatever money that is earned goes directly toward each student’s trip.  Each student will be notified if they owe any more for the trip.

**Please remember that just because you sell $100.00 on the Fundraiser doesn’t mean that you get $100 toward the trip.  We only receive 40% profit from the fundraiser.  So instead of $100, you get $40 toward your trip.

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  1. Rolf at |

    When did this fundraiser actually start? Our son, Devin just brought the forms home a few days ago.

  2. Edward at |

    I have people asking when the product will come back, do you know the usual turn around?

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