Poem from a Band Alumni

Do yourself a favor and read this poem written by Hannah Payne, class of 2017.

The Regiment

It is more than

a performance

more than a group

It is more than just

Monday and Friday evenings

with Tuesday morning’s

exhaustion in-between

This is not what it seems

in theory, it is so much more.

It is the sharpness of a countermarch,

the cadences we’ve heard a thousand

times before, and feeling your heart beating out of your chest at parade rest

in the Alamodome.

The Regiment is a prayer before every

game and “pulling in” for a speech

from Mr. Steele

This is a family of generations and generations to come

We have unique stores but only

one sound

Taking a pause from our troubles

and just marking time

We could all agree, the work

is worth everything when the result

contains laughter, hugs, and crying because every single judge chose White Oak,

so now it’s our time.

But one day we will walk

out those doors for the last time

and I promise, we’ll continue

marching on, and know

what we march for.

Hannah Payne

WOHS Regiment of Roughnecks ‘17

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