Middle School Drumline Camp 2017

Middle School Drumline Camp 2017

(7th and 8th Grade Percussionists Only)

July 31 – August 4.

9:00 am -12:00p.m @ THE HIGH SCHOOL BAND HALL





I hope everything is going well for you and that you are quite rested and ready for school to start!  If not, you are not alone.  At any rate, I spoke with each of you before school was out and mentioned that I would like to have a drum camp before school started.  I really intended for this camp to be right after school was out, but due to the MS Bandhall being moved, my plans got put on hold.

In addition to getting a new bandhall this year, I am also pleased to introduce Mr. Jacob Ramos to the Band Staff at White Oak.  He will be taking Mr. James’s place as he took the MS job at Sabine ISD.  Mr. James hated to leave White Oak, but when the opportunity to work where he graduated from opened up, he just couldn’t refuse.  We are sad to see him go, but Mr. Ramos will be a wonderful addition to our program, especially for you.  Mr. Ramos is a percussion specialist.  He has played percussion all his life and his primary job will be to focus on percussion grades 6-12.  This means that you will have a teacher working with you that knows way more about percussion than I do!   I’ve always been burdened about not having a dedicated Director working with percussion, especially in the upper grades where most of your time is spent twiddling your thumbs as the rest of the band work on music.  Mr. Ramos will be pulling you guys out during class and really getting your skills up!  I hope that you will learn way more than in the past and that you will have fun and will not be bored in the process!  In the short time that I’ve had to get to know Mr. Ramos, he is a funny, laid back guy and I know you will really enjoy working with him.

Having said all of that, we need to have a camp so that we can get the Drumline part assignments nailed down and start working on being better Percussionists.  I know that Summer is very busy and everyone has different things going on.  Here is what I need you to do:


  1. Set these dates on your calendar and see if you have any conflicts.
  2. Send me an email and let me know that you received this letter and if you can make it or not. **If you can’t make the camp, that’s not the end of the world.  However, we will be locking down the Drumline instruments, so attendance is highly encouraged. **
  3. If you have any questions regarding the camp, please let me know. Mr. Ramos does not have his email set up as of now, so contact me instead.



  • Camp is for students going into the 7th & 8th Grade Only.
  • Camp is July 31 – August 4th
  • Time is 9:00 am – 12:00 p.m.
  • Location is the HIGH SCHOOL BAND HALL
  • Email me and let me know that you received this letter and if you are coming or if you have a conflict.


I can’t wait to see everyone on Monday, July 31st and I look forward to seeing how great this drumline will become!



R. Whatley

[email protected]

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