October 20th Game (Teacher Inservice Day)

As you know, on October 20th the students will not be required to attend school, but the teachers have inservice.  We have a game that evening at Sabine HS at 7:30.  This is the last performance before we go to contest the following Tuesday at Pine Tree. The schedule for that day is as follows:

3:00PM  Meet in the Band Hall / Warmup / Begin Rehearsal

5:00PM  Rehearsal complete / Break for supper

6:00PM  Dressed and ready to depart for Sabine HS

6:30PM  Arrive at Sabine

7:30PM Game Begins

11:00PM  Return to WOHS


DO NOT think that this is optional.  DO NOT give us an excuse for this.  As always, this is a graded performance and a required rehearsal and event.  Thank you.


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