Washington DC Trip Info Again

We’re 1 week away from departing for DC and 2 days away from our practices.  Here is several points of information you will need to know:


Rehearsal Schedule (Posted April 6)

ALL REHEARSALS WILL START IN THE MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND HALL.  Failure to be there will not allow you to participate in the trip.  We will memorize the Parade Music, setup our Marching Band Block, and practice Parade Marching around the campus and on part of White Oak Road.

Tuesday, June 26 10-12

Wednesday, June 27 10-12

Thursday, June 28 10-12 (Television Media will be present this day for interviews and pictures promoting our trip.  Dress comfortably but also nice enough for television.)


Chaperone Lists and Meeting

Chaperone lists and assignments will be given out on Thursday after our brief rehearsal.  I would like to have a meeting with chaperones on Saturday at 12:30PM in the Middle School Band Hall.  


T Shirts

The trip shirt will be given out on Wednesday after rehearsal.


Final Itinerary

The final itinerary will be available on Tuesday at the rehearsal.


Luggage Check In

ALL luggage will need to be checked in on Saturday at 1PM to 2PM in the Middle School Band Hall.  Anyone that does not bring their luggage that day will not be allowed to travel, regardless if they have paid.



The weather in DC is forecast to be in the 80s.  It will feel much better there than it does here, however you need to get yourself acclimated to the heat here now.  Try to get outside and be prepared for the heat so we don’t have any problems during rehearsal or in DC.  It will be humid there so be prepared.



Buses will be signed up for on one day of the practices. You will sign up for buses only for yourself, not for others.



If you have any questions please let us know.  We are looking forward to a great trip and an incredible opportunity to represent our organization, school, and community!

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