Leadership Information

Several of you have received emails concerning this information.  If you did please let us know if you have any questions.


You have been selected as a squad leader for the 2018-2019 WOHS Band.  This is an honor that is no longer bestowed upon people simply for being a certain age or playing a certain instrument.  It is an honor based upon our faith in you as a person and leader to get done what we want to accomplish this year.
We will have Fundamental Stations this year:
1.  Kickoffs, Halts, Stride (6 to 5)
2.  Flanks, Crossovers
3.  Countermarches
4.  To the Rears
5.  Presentation – Horn Carriage, Stride, Posture
6.  Field Entrance (explained at training)
7.  Facing Commands – Attention and Parade Rests etc…
Each section will be trained at each station by a chosen team of experts.  At our leadership training we will decide who will be in each station and plan for the training there.
The past several years our fundamentals have suffered because of lack of consistency between teaching so we are going to use this format for a large portion of our summer band practices, and include some section only time as well.
So, what we need to know from you is 2 things:
1.  Are you willing to serve in this capacity?  Remember you were chosen based upon our faith in you and our need for good people in these positions.
2.  We will have training on these points and more at the HS Band Hall on Tuesday, July 24th.  It will begin at 9AM with lunch provided.
Please let us know if you are available and willing.  If you are not in either of these areas then a replacement will be chosen.
This will be a great year, and we are very excited about these changes.  I know you will be too once you see what it’s all about.  We anxiously await your response.
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