High School Band Helpers Needed!

This Thursday, the 8th Grade Band will be performing at their first Home Game.  This year will be a little different because we are ONLY having the 8th grade band performing at the game.  Since we have decided to go this route, we are in need of High School Band Helpers to come and play with them at the game.  This is a great opportunity to expose the 8th graders to the High School level of performing and it also gives them the opportunity to meet and make friends with the High School Band. This is also a great opportunity for recruitment for next year’s band!!!

If you can help out, it would be very much Appreciated!!!!! Please fill out the form by using the link below.  This way I can get some music ready (Twirler Songs).  Please also remember that you need to play the Middle School Version of songs (i.e. The Hey Song, Fight Song)

Link To The Form By Clicking Here!

Here is the current 8th Grade Band Playlist:

School Song


Go Necks Go

Eat’em Up

The Box

ESPN Remix

The Hey Song (Please make sure to play the 8th grade VERSION, give them something to learn next year)

Number 3

Slow Ride (Twirler Song)

Rock and Roll All Nite (Twirler Song)


We are working on Feel It Still, but might not have it ready by Thursday.


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