MS All-Region Clinic And Concert Information

Middle School Clinic/Concert
Where: Gladewater ISD
Friday, January 25th
1:00 Seating the Bands, NZ in the Band Hall, SZ in the Auditorium
1:30 Rehearsals begin
5:30 Rehearsals end

Saturday, January 26th
8:00 Rehearsals begin, SZ in the Band Hall, NZ in the Auditorium
11:30 Lunch break (pizza provided for the students by the region, directors need
to be present to help police the area and keep the facilities clean)
1:00 Rehearsals begin
3:00 Break for concerts
4:00 Concerts begin (NZ followed by SZ)


We will leave the Middle School after 4th period on Friday.  We should be back at the school by 5:45-6:00 pm.  We need to meet at the MS Band Hall at 7:30 on Saturday in order to be in Gladewater, seated, and ready for 8:00 rehearsal.  The students need to wear nice Concert attire for the evening concert.  They may bring their clothes and leave them on the bus during the day.  They will have time to change before the concert. Please let me know if you have any further questions.    R. Whatley

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