Band Trip App Info

Please get this installed on your devices today.  This is how we will communicate on the trip.

From the Travel Company:

If you haven’t already done so, the first thing you will want to do is download the app to your device. Find the free Group Travel Videos App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Our app is totally private and secure. No phone numbers or emails are required!

Here is a two-minute video that explains everything: App Demo

As the group’s administrator, you will have a separate login. This login allows you to have more privileges as outlined in this email. There can be more than one person logged in as the admin, so be sure to only share this with people you would trust with the additional privileges!

Group Leader Admin Features

  • Send an individual traveler or the whole group messages through the app and see where your travelers are on the geo map.
  • Upload documents for the entire group to view. If files are on your computer, use your separate group leader login on and upload the documents.
  • Delete any photo that you don’t want included on the final video.
    (Once the order is submitted, our producers will delete duplicates and any photos in which the content or quality may not be suitable for the video.)
  • Access to rearrange the photos if you want them in a specific order on the final video.
  • Customize your group’s video titles and select from destination or age-based background music.
  • Upload performance audio/video files through our website, to enhance your keepsake video. Please note, we cannot use copyright audio or video for the keepsake videos.

Here’s the best part: after your trip, we’ll take the digital photos that your group captures while traveling and make a keepsake video for your group! The digital version of your video will be available for download or streaming through the app and our website. You as the Group Leader will receive one flash drive with the photos and the final video to have to enjoy, promote the next trip and share with your yearbook staff.

Your Travelers will use the following login information to access the app and upload their photos.

Traveler Login:

Username: Steele

Password: pf67rp

Your group’s uploaded photos will be automatically submitted for video production on June 4, 2022. 

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